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Community Youth Development’s (CYD) mission is to empower youth as leaders in service to their community.

CYD creates environments, events, and activities that cultivate leadership and support positive choices.  CYD believes that young people will make positive choices if given the opportunity and support from adults.  At CYD, teens develop skills and gain confidence they will use for a lifetime through activities that benefit our community. CYD encourages young people to utilize their talents and energy and helps adults to recognize and tap into the often overlooked talents of youth.

What makes CYD so unique and able to serve so many youth are our partnerships with other nonprofit organizations and local government. CYD partners with other local youth serving organizations to provide positive activities for the youth in our community. In addition to these coalition agencies, CYD has partnered with over 75 nonprofit and government boards to provide board placements for STAR graduates.

In 2013, CYD engaged 2,192 youth in 150 activities.  These youth come from all socio-economic, ethnic and geographic sectors of Sarasota County. Youth learned new skills and were inspired by positive adults through these programs offered in a safe and drug free environment.

As a whole, CYD has strengthened the fabric of the community by preparing and supporting youth as active citizens, leaders for today and into the future.