Our Story

One of the most pressing issues facing our community, and our country, is youth development. How are we training the next generation to take the reins of leadership or, at the very least, to become more confident, successful and civically engaged adults?

Since 1996, CYD (Community Youth Development) has worked to address the needs of teens in our community. We are dedicated to shaping our youth into leaders of the future. We believe that young people have a powerful voice and can begin making a lasting impact on our community right now, and that by establishing strong connections with area youth, they’ll have more motivation to – perhaps – return home somewhere down the road.

The teen years can be a wonderful time, filled with exhilarating experiences and opportunities to grow. For some teens, though, it can be a time filled with anxiety and pain, as they suffer through the painful process of discovering who they are and where they fit in the world. Most people can recall someone who helped make those tough times easier – for many teens in Sarasota County today, that guiding force is CYD.

Every day, teens face decisions that determine whether they succeed in life or become a burden on society. That is where CYD comes in, providing the tools to help youth make positive choices. With the support of an appreciative community, CYD has been supporting and encouraging youth leaders for 20 years.

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